Goody-Guru is a joint venture between Octo Design Group and Media Copy.

When the pandemic hit, both of these thriving companies had to meet the needs of their many clients who had live events planned that needed to transition to virtual formats very quickly.

They found that by sending a beautiful box of materials or “goodies,” they were able to maintain the excitement and the quality of the live event even though it transitioned to a virtual one.

They quickly realized the “power of the box” when they experienced how much people enjoyed receiving them, how their clients enjoyed giving them and how a Goody-Box could bring joy, value and sometimes comfort in a variety of situations.

This brings Goody-Guru to today. Our mission is to make our boxes beautiful, personalized and accessible to everyone. We serve individuals, corporations and everyone in between. Tell us how we can serve you.

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    We need 3 weeks prior to the event date to ensure a great event.

    Learn more about Goody-Guru’s founders:


    Innovator and entrepreneur with 20 years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of marketing, design, and sales. Visionary creative developer with superior insight in sales enablement marketing. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback.


    A serial entrepreneur who is passionate about investing in our communities and supporting local businesses. Has over 20 years in the print, logistic and fulfillment industry. Seasoned in management, sourcing, production and printing. Intuitive thinker and problem solver who brings talent and task together to achieve success. Team player and team leader who identifies opportunity and pairs it with individuals and vendors that can benefit from one another. Utilizes empathy and care in all aspects of business and life.